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The Trust is an organisation of like-minded people seeking to protect and enhance our community.

Heading inland, almost on the northern boundary of Angus, lies the ancient Cathedral City of Brechin (population: 7,900).

The Royal Burgh of Brechin has a long and venerable history, and is famous for its tall eleventh century round tower which is one of only two such towers surviving in Scotland , the others are in Ireland . Although the burgh does not have a city charter, it has always held the title thanks to having been the seat of the Diocese of the Roman Catholic church in the area, in pre-Reformation times.

The tower originally stood alone, but is now part of Brechin Cathedral. The Cathedral itself is an interesting and important landmark, with beautiful stained glass, and much of its medieval masonry and craftsmanship intact.

Brechin’s religious role is still in evidence today with the Cathedral serving worshipers as the parish church.

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