We hope to build up our collection of publications regarding Brechin, it’s landmarks, it’s people and historic celebrities. We want to be able to offer our website visitors a wide range of reading material on our great city before visiting.

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Brechin Cathedral Round Tower : The monument is a medieval round tower. Originally free-standing, since 1806 it has been attached to the south west angle of the nave of Brechin Cathedral. Its chief original feature is the carved doorway, which has the crucifixion at its apex, unidentified saints on the jambs and crouching beasts flanking the threshhold. Brechin Cathedral is largely early 19th-century in build, although it retains some of its medieval features. The Cathedral contains
several important early medieval carvings and is sited within an interesting
graveyard. Statement of Significance – Click here for the PDF (458kb)

Brechin Maison Dieu Chapel : All that remains visible of the chapel of the Maison Dieu hospital in Brechin is part of the south wall and the part of the east wall embedded in the neighbouring building. The chapel was built in the 13th Century to serve a hospital serving the poor. Statement of Significance – Click here for the PDF (212kb)


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