Allan McMann Bursary


The purpose of the bursary would be to support a Brechin High School pupil for the duration of a course,it can be awarded for any higher education,further education and post graduate course both Graduate or Post Graduate and is intended to encourage the young people within the City to take an active interest in the history or built heritage of Brechin. The school will actively encourage pupils to submit a piece of work. The bursary will be £500 per academic year, paid in two installments in September and January. The bursary will be available for up to four years or the duration of the undergraduate course. The Committee can consider extending the duration of the bursary to an individual recipient. S5/6 pupils at Brechin High School are invited to submit a piece of work based on the history or built heritage of Brechin and the surrounding area. The piece of work could be:

(a)    an essay in the region of 2,000 words

(b)    a collection of photographs, sketches, or paintings with a supporting commentary