Brechin Bridge Lighting Project

Brechin Civic Trust has been reviewing a possible project which was initially proposed several years ago. This was to consider installing lighting features on Brechin Bridge. We wish to undertake a feasibility study to consider key issues such as costs, the views of the wider community and consideration of any statutory environmental assessments which we would require to undertake.

As a historic Category A Listed Building, Brechin Bridge it is of local and national significance. It is under the care of Historic environment Scotland. The Trustees are committed to engaging with local community leaders, community groups and the wider community. Brechin Bridge is a community asset. It is important to bring people – our community partners – along at an early stage. Across the country, more public buildings and bridges are being illuminated to enhance and brighten our local communities. Slessor Gardens in Dundee is one such example as is Smeaton Bridge in Perth. Any proposals must be viewed as enhancing the environment and acceptable to local people.

I am writing to let you know this project is being considered for the future and will be based on a feasibility study, which will consider the views of local people. The Trustees would welcome any comments at this early stage.

Steve Dempsey , Chairman , City of Brechin and District Civic Trust

Please e mail any comments to:

Paul Roberts


By post:   21 Church Street, Brechin, DD9 6HB

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